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Be Mimi : Jeanne

Be Mimi : Jeanne

It’s that time of the year where you need to cosy up next to your loved ones and surround yourself with bold people with positive vibes.

We met with Jeanne this month and she showed us how and why she does exactly that.

Mimi & August | Jeanne is wearing the black bandeau top with the extra high waist black bottom

Jeanne (aka @writer.bandyta on Instagram) is a writer, traductor and specialist of numeric content and social media. She was born in Poland and arrived in Montreal when she was only eight years old (big change isn’t it?). She married her best friend, Kamil, and now is a mom of one little girl called Mimi (coïncidence?). They both are an important part of her life because they just make her feel good and can change a bad day into a magnificent day.

« Every time I’m making a scene or I’m having a bad day, he knows how to make me feel better. Our daughter Mimi thinks I’m funny and she always wants to do like mommy, it melts my heart every time. »


Mimi & August | Jeanne is wearing the waterdrop one piece in black

Jeanne, The Office Fan and cactus quesadillas addict.

She is one of those free spirits that love to write and travel, discover the world in their fullest details. Her perfect vacation would be a round trip in Africa or a well-thought one month in Indonesia (ain’t that something!). Furthermore, in her opinion, body diversity is a way of life, it is not something you see but rather something you feel.

« It’s feeling free in a bikini or a legging or a loose t-shirt. It’s appreciating not only my body, as imperfect as it is, but to love, accept and more importantly assume who you are. » 

Mimi & August | Jeanne is wearing the tropical tank top with the extra high waist burgundy bottom


Jeanne it was a pleasure meeting you and we hope that you will finish writing this book you talked about! All the best xx

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