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In the mind of Marion Hébert

For the Hand Me Down Love tee, we collaborated with the Quebec-based illustrator Marion Hébert. It’s with enthusiasm that she answered our questions about her creative process and what inspires her in her work.

Marion Hébert Illustrator

Like any creative soul, Marion has always been drawing. Her planners and notebook were full of them. However, it is when she went to study in France for one semester that she discovered illustration and it was love at first sight. When she came back to Quebec, she immediately started to look for serigraphy and engraving classes to pursue her exploration of this style.

Later, when she realized all the work that was done in her procrastinating moments drawing, she thought that these illustrations should be shared. She now does it daily on social media. This led to great meetings which led to many projects.

Marion is a designer from Monday to Friday, so she has a strict routine that comes along with a full-time job. However, her illustrator job has much less rules and gives her the opportunity to get really creative. She prefers to think about what she can accomplish in a day rather than a week. It gives her discipline to use the most of her time every day.

« Telling yourself you have all the time in the world, all the money in the world, all the colors in the palette, anything you want – that just kills creativity. »  - Jack White

When she needs motivation, she always remembers this citation. It motivates her to take out her pens and make at least one illustration a day.

Hand Me Down Love Unisex Tee by Marion Hébert

Since her drawings are made by hand, she can draw anywhere she goes. She just needs her pencil case with all her favorite markers and her tracing paper and it’s in the bag! She likes tracing paper because its surface is smoother, and it is perfect for ink markers. When she feels like it, she scans her drawing and post them on social media.

When we asked her why she was drawing more in black and white than color recently, she answered us saying that it was an unconscious constrain that she imposed herself in the beginning. There are some reasons why she likes black and white illustrations. For her, when we look at this type of illustration, we notice the lines, shapes and contrast much more. We can’t rely on the colors to appreciate it, so we are less subjective.

Hand Me Down Love Unisex Tee by Marion Hébert model

For our collaboration, Marion let the Mimi and August’s atmosphere guide her in her first drafts. She realized that it is easy to create for a company that shares a similar vision. She believes in Mimi and August’s simplicity, well-being and inclusion. For her, it is important that her illustration reflects the same values.

Visit her website and her Instagram (@marionhebert)!
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