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Sarah Babineau | Mimi and August

The secret behind our pictures: Sarah Babineau

I have always been curious about people that surround me. And when I meet them, I am terrible! I talk too much, ask too many questions and I am interested in them, which is not something we are used to in our generation. I don’t like meaningless conversations, and I love to talk with people that has a burning desire to create something. The artsy kind of people that live of their passion and just, enjoy life. That’s the case for Sarah Babineau, a big part of Mimi Hammer. Photographer and passionate, of course, Sarah is from Montreal, and I recently met her in a lovely coffee shop in the big city, Café les Oubliettes. We didn’t know each other. We were complete strangers, craving for a huge coffee in this rainy season. We were two different people, having lived different experiences but working with the same company. And, she kind of became a friend. So, who is she? You’ve seen her pictures everywhere as she’s working with different companies. Always shooting pictures for Mimi Hammer while working as a content creator for Oatbox, Sarah carefully picks her collaborators to share her vibrant personality with.


Montreal is known for a cool city where people love to take pictures and love to be called a ‘’photographer’’. Not in a pretentious way, but sometimes it is. But once in a while, when you’re young and reckless, you can get lost in this industry, which is sometimes overwhelming. You try to learn, but photographers don't want you to. And, if they do, it’s just a way to see their competition and get you out of the map. This kind of things made Sarah exhausted and she stopped shooting for a while as she wasn’t too sure of what her niche was. All she wanted was to shoot for something she likes. Shoot places. Shoot people. Discover. And be real with the moments she captures.

While getting her bags ready to flight to France for a few months, Mimi Hammer discovered her work and asked her if she would be interested in shooting some stuff while being on vacation. Nothing stressful, just go to the beach, and shoot, you know. Being away and far from the city, she thought it could be a good idea to start over again a love story with photography, and she founds more than that. She founds us, Mimi. Since then, she’s our favourite photographer. The way she captures moments with a raw and delicate way is surprising. Maybe it is because I’m pretty bad with a camera in my hands, but I am quite impressed when I see her flawless pictures. She makes us travel. She makes us feel. Her adventures become ours, and her joy in life is something she constantly shares. And what could I say about her? She’s adorable. I’m happy to see that she finally found where she belong in the photography world and that at every collection, she brings us something new. To more time together, to more moments captured. To you Sarah, we are watching you in 2016. Capture life as you always do!

Dig through her photos and her stories on her website and Instagram.


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