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Mimi & August | Charlotte Dussault et son petit pitou

Stories : Charlotte Dussault

A few weeks ago, we met the beautiful Charlotte Dussault with her lovely boyfriend in our showroom on McGill street.  In a soothing and simple set, we ask her questions about her life, her inspirations and her future projects.


Mimi & August | Charlotte drinking a  cup of coffee


Always accompanied with a timid but present smile, Charlotte is the perfect representive for graduate, like me, that try to find the answer to the question : now what? It is with a certain assurance that she shared with us that she is still searching for her path and that she wishes to find the perfect mix between creativity and work.


« My friends don’t always understand what are my pictures. Sometimes I like to take super detailed pictures because I think it is pretty and that I like photography. I try to make everything with an artistic vibe, I do not want it to be simple. »


Mimi & August | Charlotte wearing the dots tank top


She was filled with a creative will to do things when she was dancing and now she transposes that tendency onto her Instagram page. She always had an interest towards photography and it is with the growth of the Instagram platform and creative content that she found many inspirations. Flowers, soft colors, exciting travel trips, beautiful landscape, distinctive clothing, are all things that nurture her inspirations and motivate her to pay attention to her surroundings. She now finds in a pink wall an inexplicable beauty. Her Instagram(@charlodussault) is indeed a perfect reflexion how what she finds interesting and beautiful, impossible not to share! 

The young worker warned us about the hidden side of Instagram and how it can become heady and  question authenticity. She admits to us and herself that sometimes she does get lost in the world of pictures and appearances but that she is now trying to regain a more serene and free way, trying to find moments for herself and to enjoy life.


« I’m happy to make beautiful pictures, it is my artistic side that comes out. However, having only one day with my boyfriend and spending it thinking about what I need to do to have an Instagram picture, I find that appalling, thinking that way. My life has now become a constant questioning of : What do I have to do so that it is pretty? »


Mimi & August | Charlotte taking a photo


Thank you Charlotte for this amazing encounter, reminding us to pay attention to details and take time for ourselves <3 

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