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2% of our PEPITO FRIDAY SALES will be donated to the organization Dans la rue
2% of our PEPITO FRIDAY SALES will be donated to the organization Dans la rue

Our Story

mimi & august illustration leaf
Exclusive and affordable products without compromising the quality and the living conditions of the people who produce them.

Our story started in Camille’s little homemade workshop in her parents’ house. After studying in design, she started creating custom swimsuits for her friends and family, without realizing that swimsuits were really popular among her entourage. Shortly after, during a fashion show, she met Joao. Both decided to combine their expertise and create their first label “Mimi Hammer Swimwear”. By the end of summer 2015, they created their second label “August”. With this label, they wanted to create well-designed products for an everyday lifestyle. That’s why Mimi & August is the union between our two brands that shares the same values. Illustrations is at the core of the Montreal based company. We make every product unique and personalized, whether it is for swimsuits, clothes or accessories.

Attention to small details and fair production.

Since the beginning we have valued attention to small details and fair production, which is why we work with small factories that enable economic development and sustainable job creation. ­All our garments are proudly designed in Montreal, Canada and produced ethically here and abroad. Our goal is to make quality products rather than to have an overflowing inventory. Making sweatshirts, swimsuits and accessories that we are proud of is the most essential thing for us.

Reducing our ecological footprint

The protection of the environment is also something we think is important. We always try to think of new ideas to be more ecological in our practises and to encourage sustainable development. The use of paper to replace plastic is an example. Also, even though the production of swimsuit is in general harmful for the environment, we produce them by digital printing, which uses a lot less water than the sublimation technique. Starting in 2019 some of our swimsuits will also be made from recycled fabrics.

Let's celebrate trueness, let's celebrate true beauty, let's celebrate real bodies!

Since the beginning, we have never used professional models. It was not a strategic choice, on the contrary, we always chose people who were part of our family or friends. Without realizing it, this choice was one of the most important we did. By now this choice has become a central part of us, that’s why all products will continue to be worn by real people. People with cellulite, freckles or messy hair, and sometimes with all that! Do you wanna play model for us? - Become a Mimi
mimi & august leaf illustration


Camille Forcherio designer and illustrator mimi & august
Camille Forcherio
Co-founder & Creative director
Coffee lover and cat person

Joao Crisostomo
Co-founder & Marketing director
Soccer player and dog person


Mexican street dog and photoshoot destroyer, also pretty

Pretty cat and famous model