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Biodegradable Avocado Seed Straws

$6.99 CAD

FREE with purchase of any Reusable Bamboo Café Yo Cups

Avocado seeds can help us change the environnement! Our straws are made from totally renewable and sustainable sources. It contains 100% avocado seed biopolymers. Replace plastic in your life and start reduce your carbon footprint with these sustainable avocado core straws.

Pack of 24 straws.

- 100% Biodegradable and compostable in 240 days.
- Made from renewable sources:avocado seed (non-food).
- BPA Free.
- FDA Approved.
- Extra strength and stability.
- It does not bend or lose properties compared to traditional straws.
- Don't use in hot beverage.
- The shelf life is one year stored in a cool, dry place.

Its degradation time is 240 days under optimal conditions for biodegradation, in final disposal sites such as landfills or composting, while their fossil fuel-based counterparts can take more than 1000 years.

The mixture of microbial activity, temperature, humidity and other environmental factors help to biodegrade the organic material of the product in order to integrate it into the environment where it is.